Sunday, September 21, 2014

17 Years


The hubs and I have been married for 17 years today. 

He brought me these last night. 

This morning I served us breakfast in bed. This was so yummy.  Shh we didn't share it with the kids. I don't think they even know it's gone yet. 

The kids are having dinner with my mom and brothers. 

Hubs and I had dinner at Hibachi Grill.  Yummy.  Went to Target to walk it off and get a grill brush. Ended up getting two cause they were on clearance for 2.68. 

Came home and kids were dropped off by grandma. 

That's actually when Monday started early I swear. 

Daughter wouldn't listen.  I asked her to go get the laundry for me. She said I do my own laundry. I said I know but can you go get ours for me. I don't see why I have to. And. She. Walked. Out. The. Door. I asked her to do something and she went outside. 

Oh hells no!!!!

Opened the door and told her to go get the laundry. Multiple fits started after that.   

I was in bed and just fell asleep when I heard her bitching about something. She slammed her doors and broke one. I took her phone away.  

Back to bed and calmed down enough to fall asleep and am awakened by the girl dog making barfing sounds on my bed. 

Nothing and I mean nothing wakes you up faster than that. 

Again calmed down to go back to sleep. Dog jumps back on bed. I'm no get off. Pushed her off. She hit the fan. It fell over and broke. 

This I swear is shit that should happen on a Monday. Not a Sunday. I'm hoping for a calmer day today. Monday. 

Monday, September 15, 2014


Time to catch up.   What's been happening all week?

Not much really. 

It rained Wednesday. Then later that evening the power was out for an hour and a half due to an accident. 

Thursday was just cloudy and gloomy. 


Friday was grocery day. My regular Aldi's is closing down for a month for remodeling so went to a different one in a different town.  Not really impressed with the produce so far.  Blueberries were shit.  Apples not the best.  ugh.  Went to Meijers after for a couple things I knew Aldi's wouldn't have.  Came home and put it all away.  Then didn't do much.

Saturday spent the entire morning outside with son doing yard work and that meant cutting down the dried up flowers.  The front yard has most of the flowers. So we did just the front.  Took us until 1pm to finish.  Wow and my hands hurt so bad when we were done.  I only had one glove.  Ironically the hand that was gloved was the hand that got a blister.  Go figure. Daughter did not help because well it was WORK.  She said as we came inside. I will come out and help if you want me too.  Really! She only said that after she heard us putting stuff up.  I told her she WILL help with the back yard flowers.  There's honestly not that many back there. But they are marigolds and still in bloom so not cutting them down yet.  

Sunday-yesterday- son had baseball practice.  Yes baseball.  I guess they don't want them forgetting anything so they plan to have practice here and there until spring when twice a week practices will start up. 
Daughter and I walked to the dollar store for batteries.  My thermostat in the hallway was flashing low battery instead of the house temp so since we never have AA batteries on hand had to go get some.
Brings us to this morning.  Monday mornings are always fun.  Grouchy kids.
Got them off to school.  Trash set out because I forgot to do it last night.  Bathrooms cleaned.  Laundry in the dryer.  Now I'm trying to get things updated.  Put up chapter two on my writing blog. 
I don't know if its my internet or my stupid computer but it took, I kid you not, 45 minutes to sign out and log into that account just to post ch 2.  Then it was a quicker signout and signin to get back here. 

I think we are going to get some rain today but not sure since I missed the forecast.  I need to go out and dig up my purple iris bulbs in spots and spread them out some more.  I have them every where because they keep multiplying. I love it!! Hard to believe I started with 2 bulbs. haha

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lunch Out and Grilled Pizza

Hubs and I went out today. Since we couldn't go anywhere yesterday this is his birthday lunch. Our waitress looked like she was pissed to be at work. She frowned every time we asked for rolls. 
Not impressed with Logan's anymore. They have changed their menu so much and the last few times we have eaten their we have gotten a waitress who would rather be elsewhere. Last time I got online and complained. We got free dinners out of it. I won't complain this time cause we don't plan on going back. 

He got a steak and I got a chicken salad. 

We did a little shopping for a few groceries then came home.   
We both took naps til the kids got home. 

For dinner I grilled a homemade pizza.  I love my grill! 

Now it's time for a cup of coffee. I have to stay awake for the season start of Sons of Anarchy!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Madness Birthday

Today is hubs Birthday. 
We were going to go to a matinee movie while the kids were in school.
We were going to stop and get lunch.
We were going to stop and get a few groceries on the way home for dinner the rest of the week.

Son didn't go to school today.
So we didn't go anywhere.  So maybe tomorrow we can go to a birthday lunch. I got son's homework assignments offline and hubs had stopped at the school this morning and got his books.  Took us helping him 3.5 hours to do it.  Freakin ridiculous! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

School Pictures

School pictures are stupid high priced so I take my own.  I'm not about to pay $80+ to get the amount of pictures I need when I can do it myself. 

Took the kids pics today and finally got them printed out.  This was no easy task. 

I have a Dell laptop with windows XP love it but its super slow.  The printer is the best printer I have ever had.  Unfortunately once these ink cartridges are empty its done.  The cartridge holders inside are broke. I like to never got them put in to print.

I have a new, well its almost 2 years old sony laptop with windows 8 I HATE IT.  I have a canon printer.  Supposed to print great pictures.  HA HA. I printed a sheet and it looked faded.  The dell printer does a way better job.  So either this new printer doesn't print good pics as the sales man said it did or I bought the wrong replacement ink. Which I might have done.  The old cartridges said Fine on them the new ones said XL.  I don't know what that means. 

Anyway a job that should have taken maybe a half hour took 2 hours.  I was doing fine with the 8 x 10s but when it came to the wallet size it gave me all kinds of fits.  Kept freezing up.  Took its sweet time.  I was beginning to wonder if I would get them printed before next year.  ugh If I didn't hang them on the wall I wouldn't worry about it.  Although that wouldn't make the grandmas very happy either.

Kaylie is 15 and in !0th grade.
Keith is 12 and in the 6th grade.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Deleting Stuff?Why

The sun didn't shine once today.  It was a pretty uneventful day.  After cleaning house I did some blog hopping and went to the store.  Came home and did more blog hopping.  Dinner time came and I grilled.  Boobs and Weiners! 
Back to my blog hopping.  I'm trying to find blogs that update frequently enough to give me something to read while I enjoy my coffee.  I have found several but I have noticed there are A LOT of abandoned blogs out there. 
I'm guilty of that myself.  But when I do remember about my blog and decide to start blogging again I go back and my way of starting fresh is to either delete the whole blog and give it a new name. (there have been several) Or I delete all the posts and start fresh.  Like I did with this one the other day. 
I was reading a friends blog. She also hasn't posted in awhile but did make a couple posts a couple months ago and one was to say that she was looking back through her blog to find some information.  Yep, now I wish I hadn't deleted the very first blog I had. I wish I had kept it going.  I think I got into blogging in 2004 or 2005 or maybe earlier.  She's the friend that got me into it.  She kept talking about it and I was like What's a blog? Then I think I blogged every day.  I remember laughing when hubs would do something funny and then turn to me and say You're gonna blog that aren't you! Oh yeah baby! 
I  would spend days looking for templates to pretty it up and change it every few months. None of which I even know how to do now because blogger has changed everything so I just add a pic at the top and leave it simple.
I used to blog hop then too and kept seeing that little blue bird with the word twitter under it.  What's a twitter? Then I found out and that was the end of daily blogging. 
I want to get back to blogging. Like I used to.  I just wish I could find all those cool blogs I used to read back then. Or maybe they've been abandoned too. 
There are certain things I just can't blog about so that's why I have twitter. (wink wink) I vent there.  A lot!
I don't want this to turn into a rant blog. I'm sure there might be a rant here and there but I will try to keep it clean and just vent my frustration.  But be forewarned I do cuss.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Change the Cast

I was blog hopping this morning and one caught my eye.  A daily writing prompt.  Normally none of these interest me but this one has me intrigued. 

You can find it here at The Daily Post

You've just been named the casting director of your favorite television show (or movie franchise). The catch: you must replace the entire cast - with your friends and family. Who gets which role?

So I start brain storming my favorite shows and I think of Everybody Loves Raymond. 
I would cast myself as Debra and Bruce as Ray
but then I couldn't think of anyone else that remotely came close to the other characters. 

I moved on to FRIENDS

I cast
my sister in law Toya as Rachel (cause she loves fashion)
my friend Kelli as Monica (cause she's always cleaning)
my friend Chris as Pheobe (cause she's quirky and fun)
my brother Andy as Chandler (cause he likes to tell jokes)
my brother's friend Jason as Joey (cause he's a doofus)
my friend Kelli's hubby Matt as Ross (cause he loves history)

I challenge anyone reading this to try it.  Leave a comment and tell me if you blogged this, so I can link you,  and or your answer to the question- If you were a character from FRIENDS who would you be?

I have to admit this was harder than I thought it would be.