Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wake Up

I set my alarm clock.

I get up when it goes off.

It goes off at 4am.  Hubs has to get ready for work.  I get up make him breakfast and pack his lunch.

Quiet time until time to wake the kids at 5:30.  Son really doesn't need to be woke up at that time. He gets up and gets ready when I ask him too.  The daughter is a different story entirely.

Today is a delayed start to the school day.  (another dumbass thought by our dumbass school system, oh hey lets make Wednesdays start at 8:30 instead of 8)

Daughter did not get out of bed till well after 6 despite me telling her every few minutes to get up and eat. Yea I made breakfast.  No she didn't eat.  Cause she didn't get up in time.  The bus is coming down the road and she's in the bathroom trying to get her eye liner on right, still in jimmies still not ready.


So yea she missed the bus.  Son doesn't care he would rather be taken to school.

I, on the other hand, was PISSED.

Son and I are now waiting in the van, inching down the driveway every minute she makes us wait.  We are at the end of the drive when she comes out the door.  Barefoot!

She gets in the van.

Me:Give me your phone and your iPod
Daughter:are you serious
Me:yes I am, give em

I hold my hand out and she slams them into my hand.

I drop them off at school and head to CVS.

First let me just say to the woman who drove up my ass.  The speed limit is 35, if you tailgate me I will go 30.

At CVS really that's where you put a gutter drain? Right across the sidewalk, then you don't throw salt out. 

And seriously an ice patch right beside a handicap spot???? throw some salt out!!!!! You sell it I know you have it.


Came home and found this alarm clock for my daughter.

this is going to wake her up tomorrow

I'm not doing it anymore, she never gets up anyway.

Its set for 5,  across the room,  she doesn't know its there.  I figure by the time she figures out where that annoying sound is coming from she will be out of bed and awake.  

Do I really think it will work.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Soon its Tuesday

Its an Ice day, not snow day, Ice.  We have ice.

School was delayed first then as they figured out the ice was getting worse and not better they canceled. Good thing cause I wasn't about to send my kids out in this crap.

Well that crap.

Its warming up and melting.

I still have ice on my back patio.  The dogs skate when they go out.

I was able to walk out on the driveway cause it had melted.  This morning it was a sheet of ice.

Its supposed to rain later they say.

Rain heavy.

There could be flooding.

But they are also saying snow for tomorrow.  Then dropping temps on Thursday.

Dear Old Man Winter.

Please, take your leave.  Go away, you have been fun and all but I really need some outside time.  I want to go for a run or a walk or a bike.  Not doing it with all the crap you put out there so please go away.  Wait till I start bitching about the heat of summer then come back.


okay thanx


Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1st

Its March 1st

Did you know its the meteorological first day of Spring?  Me either.

Doesn't feel like spring.

Doesn't look like spring either.

Probably 7 inches or so of snow. This does not equal spring. In any language.

I want spring!!!!

Watching all the weather cancelations for tomorrow and wondering if our school will at least throw a delay tonight and make a final decision in the morning or wait until the last minute to announce something like they normally do.  

Saturday, February 28, 2015


On my phone I use the calendar by awe cal called CalPhone.

Love it so I have it on my iPad too.

I tried the ical on both couldn't figure it out.  Which is why I bought awe cal.

I tried the ical on my macbook air.  Cause awe cal is $19.99 for the computer app.

I tried for days to get ical to do what the other does.  I couldn't even get my CalPhone to sync with ical.  Last night I finally just loaded the Awecal.

Note to ical, you could be a lot easier to use.

That or I'm just used to my awe cal and how easy it work. Either way. I love it on here.

But I still keep a paper calendar cause what if calendars crash.

Never rely on computers entirely.

Friday, February 27, 2015

I Missed

I missed a day.

I didn't blog yesterday!

Honestly not much happened.

It snowed. Again.
It was still cold.

My neck still hurts so didn't wanna blog that again.

Last night something happened.

If you are on Facebook then you already know about the DRESS

I see white and gold
hubs sees blue and black
daughter sees white and gold
son sees blue and black.

Its apparently a mood thing. Based on your mood will reveal what color you see.  

I'm in the same mood as last night cause I have looked at this dress several times and still see white and gold.  

What do you see?  Are you sick of looking at it? Hearing about it?  Intrigued as to what color the dam thing actually is? I for one would love to know from the person who put it out there.  very clever but you have some explaining to do.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Productive Day

I thought I had a very productive day.

Then I was told otherwise. 

I got up and got the house cleaned first thing.

Laundry was even done and put away before I had to go to my mom's and take her to a doctor appointment.  

Headed to her house. Several spots of ice covered roads out there.  Yuck I hate winter.

Her doctor appointment went well.

We had lunch. Took her home.  Came home and started cooking.

I cooked hubs and my next 3 days of dinners (diets)
 Made the kids their meal.  

Even managed a very short nap.

Then the kids came home in snits. 

Then the hubs came home and he's eating his meal and says how did you cook this. Its dry.  No it isn't. I had the same thing mine was fine.  Well its dry.  Well you better figure out how to fix it cause that's the same thing you are having the next two days.  Greeeeeaaaat he says.  

Seriously the worst fucking thing you can do is insult my food.

Does not make me want to cook another meal.  

So I give up.  Next three days are made if he wants to eat fine if not I don't care.  Its his diet.  If he thinks he can measure and count calories go right ahead. Cause honestly it would be easier on me if he did.    I have enough to count and measure my own food and calories. 

I was  WAS in a good mood.  

NOT anymore. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

You gotta be kidding me......

You gotta be kidding me.  ugh,

my neck hurts

not a little


a strained, throbbing, hurts like fuck, hurts,  if it was just an ache I could deal with it. but this is a...a....a....hurts so bad it makes me nauseous.

I had this back in November.  Lasted 3 weeks. I seriously thought I was never going to get over it. Went to the doc, she gave me flexeril and hydrocodone.  Flexeril ok, hydrocodone um noon.  Made me sleepy for 30 minutes but never took pain away I quick taking it after 2 pills.  I took ibuprofen and went back to see her and said those worked better but of course she didn't recommend taking more than bottle says cause its not good for you kidneys.  Then the doctor prescribed me a high dose anti inflammatory called Toradol for 5 days.  After two pills I was 90 % better.

I think it was a combination of my sleeping position, new pillow, and stress.

I did sleep wonky last night. One position too dam long apparently.


I'm stressed.

Let it go......Let it go.......(yeah you know the song)  I don't and have never seen Frozen.

I'm trying to let it go.

Please make this go away by tomorrow cause I don't wanna go to the doctor, but I will, and I will ask for that same medicine  cause I know it works.