Thursday, March 14, 2013


When my phone rings I look at the number and if I don't know it I don't answer it. Today it rings. I don't answer. Usually that's it. But I got a voicemail.
It was someone calling for my school hood friend that I haven't seen in years but we text once in a blue moon.
It was something about wanting to be her legal council and the end told her she had officially been notified and good luck.
So I looked up the number and from the comments it looks to be a scam kind of call.
My next question is why in the hell is my phone number associated with her?
Obviously they know a lot about her to have gotten my number somehow. She did use me as a job reference one time like 10 years ago.
My hope is that she is not giving my number out as hers. Cause that would seriously piss me off.
She keeps switching phone numbers all the time. Thinking she has one of those pay as you go phones so she just gets a new phone every time. I don't know but I might Facebook message her and let her know the number and stuff just to see what she has to say about it.
Very weird!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blog overhaul

Going to change somethings here.

Deleted some posts. The boring ones.

I won't be blogging every day.  I stay home a lot, its not that exciting.

I don't know Might not keep this blog going.

 I dont know yet.

Stay tuned!

Monday, March 11, 2013

DST school pickup/dropoff

DST is it Daylight Saving Time or is it Dumb Stupid Time.  Cause seriously the people who take their kids to school NEED that extra hour to get their brains working.

First I want to recommend you go read this post by Momspirational because she explains it best. And she has inspired me to write my own complaint against the School Pickup/Dropoff Line.

I want to print up cards with her website and link to that post and hand out to the idiots in the pickup line. I want to start with the moron in the pickup truck this morning. 

Ok first of all its raining not snowing why are you dressed for a blizzard? Seriously its 52 degrees. I went out in a tshirt it felt so good. You have one your winter suit and snow boots. Right away I know you are not with it.  Second you do not under any circumstances pull up to drop off your children and put your truck in park, get out of your truck to let one child out, go to the other side of the truck and help the other child get out. (Seriously they are big enough they should know how to open the door and get out on their own) Then you casually, as you watch them walk into the school, not up the walk but INTO the building, walk to the drivers side of your truck.  When I start to go around your slow ass you give me the dirty look. OH NO YOU DIIN'T!   This is the DROP OFF LINE you want to do that crap you pull that fancy truck into the PARKING lot. That's what its for. You never park in the drop off line.  It makes the other parents who actually know how system works look at you like you are stupid and I'm sorry to say they are not wrong on this.  

A note to the school system, you need to lower the lights in your parking lot, they are up too high and don't do any good at all.  You can't see people walking through the parking lot until you are right up on them, which brings me to my next complaint.  Parents who speed through these parking lots are just the dumbest people on the planet. You have kids, I'm assuming that's why you are there in the first place, how would you feel if your child got hit by a car that was speeding through the lot. Because I'm here to tell you no matter how hard we have taught our kids to look both ways THEY DO NOT DO IT. They run right out the doors and across the parking lot without a care in the world.  You only get the look of fear when they actually see that car barreling at them come to a screeching halt.  SLOW DOWN

My rant about this is probably not over because this is a post that would never end.  Now seriously go read Momspirational's post she will enlighten you to the other rules that people don't follow.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Getting Caught Up

Remember this past week? Yeah me neither cause I slept through it.

I mean remember this past week when I slept all through it trying to avoid the pain in my mouth.  Anyway little got done in the way of house work. I would clean something while waiting on the kids to get ready for school then after taking them to school I would return here for a pain pill. 

This morning it wasn't too bad in the way of pain.  So I did two loads of laundry picked up the house and swept the house. Yeah caught up. 

As I was looking at the spot where lower tooth was remove.  I noticed white, could be oatmeal been eating it for breakfast and lunch cause well its soft.  Anyway the dentist did send home a syringe type thingy to help rinse it out.  So I did that about an hour ago and Sonnabiotch it hurts like the dickens now.  I'm wondering if it has a touch of dry socket. Damit this happened 7 years ago when I had two teeth pulled and I was being so careful not to let it happen this time.  Cause its painful.  And it gives you bad breath and it takes a week or so longer to heal than normal.  I am on my second pain pill of the day and its only 3pm. I normally take one in the morning and one at bedtime. 

My son has a friend over.  So I can't really go to sleep and hubs hasn't been to sleep since yesterday, he worked last night so he keeps dozing.  The two of us dozing off would not be good. I'm about to make him get up and fold the laundry. 

I didn't say I was done with the two loads of laundry now did I, nope, I just said I did two loads meaning washed and dried and one is actually put away the other still in the dryer.  I will get to it.  Maybe tomorrow.  haha

I've been sleeping on the couch all week, because its props me up. I know the first 24 hours after getting a tooth pulled they don't want you laying flat.  So I haven't been all week.  It helps to have my pillow on the arm of the couch to prop me up and my butt in the hole. Yes it seems our couch is breaking down.  Seeing how my son jumps on it I'm surprised its even still in one piece so its definitely not that comfy anymore. You do not lay flat that's for sure. When he learns to stop jumping on the couch I will get a new one.  He hasn't learned that yet.  So not getting one anytime soon.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Stitches Gone Sleepy

I feel like all i have done this week is sleep. Yes its directly related to the medicine the dentist gave me but still.
Those stitches that have been driving me nuts the last two days were like just hanging loose so i took them out myself. They were loose so I'm pretty sure they werent holding anything together. It feels so much better with them out. Now if i could get the other side to stop hurting like a MF i would be good. Running out of soft things to eat ugh. Some things just take too much effort to eat therefore i dont eat them. Ugh. Heal mouth heal!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Groggy and out of it would describe me since getting my teeth pulled on Tuesday. I haven't really relied on the pain pill. I did take it Tuesday when I got home and that night before bed.  Took one last night before bed. But my jaw was hurting this morning so I took one and then I took a nap. I got all fuzzy and knew the nap was coming.  It was a weird nap. I felt like I was awake and typing on my computer.  Seemed so real. Then my phone rang.  I woke up to answer it. lol It was my dad asking if I was awake. I was like apparently not like I thought I was.  So I am now awake and on my computer. Pretty sure I am anyway.  If this post isn't up later then I will have been asleep and dreamed the whole thing. Again.

I can't wait til I can eat foods that aren't soft. I want chips and cheese dip from the Mexican place we found. Oh and maybe their Fajitas since they were kickass.  I also want to resume my running on Monday but we will see. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The stitches in my mouth are driving me nuts. Omg if it was for that this wouldn't be bad. Yea the other place hurts where they pulled the tooth. It's like something stuck in my teeth ugh can't pull it obviously. 3 more days and they will be gone or so the instructions say.

On a happy note. My niece gave birth to my grandniece this morning. Lily Joann Mae weighs 7 lbs 3.4 oz and is 19 inches long.

Kids had the day off today due to blowing snow drifting the roads shut. Another reason indiana shouldn't have the state testing at the beginning of march. It's indiana. We are known for our dumbass unpredictable weather.

I got another shamrock shake. Lovin those dam things and I want one more tomorrow and then I need to restart my diet and try walking on treadmill. Walking shouldn't hurt my mouth. Right.