Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Been Awhile

So its been awhile since I last posted.

Baseball season has ended and the coach decided not to be the coach for next year and apparently he's dumped the whole organization that he created.  The team has fallen apart.  Others are trying out elsewhere.  Son may move up and play with the 14 year olds. He can do it he's strong enough.  Him playing on the team here in town would be cheaper and a plus for family wanting to see him play.

School is fast approaching.  Keith will be in the 7th grade  First thing on his supply list Earbuds.  Apparently the 7th graders are getting computers this year.  He's happy about it.

The daughter will be an 11th grader this year and will be doing the online schooling.  Connections Academy.  Due to the over whelming drama that ensued last year.  Just cannot deal with it anymore.  Neither can she.

So her work station has been set up.  She will have to use my computer as we do not qualify for a computer from connections academy.  Not sure if the other computer would even work and it has issues connecting and freezing up.  Cause its a pc not a mac hahaha.

Daughter is almost finished with her driving school.  Now all that remains is her logging the hours and taking her test to get her license which I'm afraid of, not because of her driving cause she's doing good but because of the insurance.  Got the bill and they thought she had it already.  It went up $120 a month!!!!!! Can we say Heart failure.  omg a quick call and the insurance agent had it corrected that she just had her learners permit.  Holy Shit.  Now this is apparently based on the vehicles we have. So hubs has the newer of the cars but his insurance will go up $80  and on my van it went up $40.

We are wanting different vehicles next year. I want a Jeep Wrangler and he's undecided on what he wants yet.  But I predict insurance will go up with those obviously and because we will have to add her then up up up away.  I'm gonna hate to see that bill. ugh

I've been doing a lot of reading since I last blogged.  Yes one right after the other.  Since March 93 books have been read.  I got into the fantasy genre and loved reading about dinosaurs and wizards and witches.  Now I'm back to mystery thrillers.

Can't believe summer is nearly over.

Friday, March 27, 2015


I called the doctor today and made an appointment to go talk about getting put back on lexapro.  I was on it a few years ago and it helped a lot.  Then I took up running and didn't really feel like I needed it.  I have since been told not to run so much so there's no runners high, no endorphins released like only a good run can do.

Everything is irritating the heck out of me.

Like today, I was to go pick up our shirts at the print shop.  Sign says they open at 9am.  So I go and nobody is there.  I only went to town just for those so its like a wasted trip if I can't get them.  Hubs calls her cause I don't have the card with me.  She won't be there till after 9:30 omg seriously.  So I drive to the park to wait a few and make my phone call to the doctor.  Then I head back over there.  Still not open so I sit a few minutes and wait. Finally got the shirts and came back home.

Computers are lucky to still be in one piece.  I'm talking about the PCs.  I had to restore both back to factory settings.  Thats irritating all by itself, I didn't need that but its done and they made it.

Kids get home and whining about something starts.  OH SHUT UP. I can't deal with this.  ugh

This is why I must go to the doctor and say MEDICATE ME for their protection.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Zero Motivation Today

I have zero motivation today.

Didn't feel well yesterday but went on with the day.   Too much to do not to get it done.

Today, not as much to do but.....

I am sluggish

It is raining

Rain makes me sleepy

I'm sleepy already

Zero motivation today.

Not even gonna look at the to do list.  I know some of what's on it.  Things are coming to mind that need to be done, just not today.

Maybe when the kids head off to school I can sleep a little more.

Did I mentioned it snowed the other day.  Yeah after spring arrived it snowed.

Go away winter.  Its time.

I wanna plant stuff now.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Daughter did better getting up and moving yesterday.  Actually made the bus.  I was shocked.  I also set the alarm for 30 minutes earlier. So yea she had to get up at 4:45.  Told her Monday we would try 5am again but if she messed up it gets reset.

Its gonna suck either way because of the stupid time change.  I wish Indiana would go back to Central time.

I got up this morning and started resetting clocks. Yeah I know you are supposed to do it before bed but I figure an extra day to get used to it.

I laugh at that cause it takes months to get used to it.  I am just now getting used to the change from Fall now its just gonna throw me out of whack again.


Signed daughter up for Driving Academy.  OMG how did this happen? Where did the time go?  I don't want to have a 16year old who can drive I want my kids to stay young. ugh


This was going around Facebook yesterday.

Now I see this two ways. First I get an answer of 4100  but if you treat it like a simon says kinda thing then you get 3090 

There are tons of people coming up with 5000 can't even figure out why
other than they are taking 4090 and adding 10 which doesn't make 5000 it makes 4100.

Answer I found online

The intelligence of Facebook fails again … WRONG!!  I know you’re like but I added everything up and it came out to 5000 how can that be wrong!  Easy … because you weren’t paying attention.  By the 7th line (the one that says add again 1000 in case you can’t count to 7 either) you should have 4090. Hate to break it to you but 4090 + 10 is 4100 … not 5000. And if you’re like me and don’t like doing this the long way, just add them all up in groups: 1000 + 1000 + 1000 + 1000 + 40 + 30 + 20 + 10 = 4100. The equation didn’t say you had to do in order  :)


So there ya have it

Thursday, March 5, 2015

What Went Wrong

I set the alarm clock in daughters room.  

It didn't go off. apparently the stupid thing doesn't work right.  

I had a feeling she might mess with it.

So I had to the forethought to set the alarm in the living room right across the hallway from her room.  

(insert evil laugh here)

She had to get up and leave her room to shut it off.

She then started washing her hair.  

I thought yeah!!

I thought we were finally on the right track.

I don't know what the hell happened.

She had her hair done by 630 when I woke her brother for breakfast.   

All she had left was her face.

Her face is apparently the problem.  

EYE LINER has to be perfect.  (I want to throw them all in the trash)

SERIOUSLY it shouldn't take 30-45 minutes to put eyeliner on. 

Looks are not that important.

I put eyeliner on every day. Takes me 5 seconds

I can do a whole face makeup in less that 5 minutes.

She missed the bus.

I had to take them to school AGAIN,

tomorrow the alarm will be set for 4:45 cause apparently 5:15 is not enough time to do you  face and make the bus at 7:20.  ugh

Her yelling at me when she runs late is getting old.  I gave her phone back last night but again I took it away this morning.  She will not be getting it back for a while.  

She's grounded. 

She has set the tone for my day.  Now I must think happy thoughts to get out of my funk that she put me in.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wake Up

I set my alarm clock.

I get up when it goes off.

It goes off at 4am.  Hubs has to get ready for work.  I get up make him breakfast and pack his lunch.

Quiet time until time to wake the kids at 5:30.  Son really doesn't need to be woke up at that time. He gets up and gets ready when I ask him too.  The daughter is a different story entirely.

Today is a delayed start to the school day.  (another moronic thought by our stupid school system, oh hey lets make Wednesdays start at 8:30 instead of 8)

Daughter did not get out of bed till well after 6 despite me telling her every few minutes to get up and eat. Yea I made breakfast.  No she didn't eat.  Cause she didn't get up in time.  The bus is coming down the road and she's in the bathroom trying to get her eye liner on right, still in jimmies still not ready.


So yea she missed the bus.  Son doesn't care he would rather be taken to school.

I, on the other hand, was TICKED OFF.

Son and I are now waiting in the van, inching down the driveway every minute she makes us wait.  We are at the end of the drive when she comes out the door.  Barefoot!

She gets in the van.

Me:Give me your phone and your iPod
Daughter:are you serious
Me:yes I am, give em

I hold my hand out and she slams them into my hand.

I drop them off at school and head to CVS.

First let me just say to the woman who drove up my butt.  The speed limit is 35, if you tailgate me I will go 30.

At CVS really that's where you put a gutter drain? Right across the sidewalk, then you don't throw salt out. 

And seriously an ice patch right beside a handicap spot???? throw some salt out!!!!! You sell it I know you have it.


Came home and found this alarm clock for my daughter.

this is going to wake her up tomorrow

I'm not doing it anymore, she never gets up anyway.

Its set for 5,  across the room,  she doesn't know its there.  I figure by the time she figures out where that annoying sound is coming from she will be out of bed and awake.  

Do I really think it will work.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Sooo its Tuesday

Its an Ice day, not snow day, Ice.  We have ice.

School was delayed first then as they figured out the ice was getting worse and not better they canceled. Good thing cause I wasn't about to send my kids out in this crap.

Well that crap.

Its warming up and melting.

I still have ice on my back patio.  The dogs skate when they go out.

I was able to walk out on the driveway cause it had melted.  This morning it was a sheet of ice.

Its supposed to rain later they say.

Rain heavy.

There could be flooding.

But they are also saying snow for tomorrow.  Then dropping temps on Thursday.

Dear Old Man Winter.

Please, take your leave.  Go away, you have been fun and all but I really need some outside time.  I want to go for a run or a walk or a bike.  Not doing it with all the crap you put out there so please go away.  Wait till I start bitching about the heat of summer then come back.


okay thanx